14th-22nd JULY



Telva y Pinón

It is the most well-known and most solid couple in Cangas. They only leave the house during the holidays but seem very happy because they do nothing but dance. If you see them, come here because there's always music and candy next to them.

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Basic vocabulary to understand the Feasts

Volador (Rocket): It's an explosive device known in the rest of Spain as a "cohete." Avoid saying it. It sounds very strange to the people from Cangas. For full integration into the festive atmosphere, from now on, the rocket is a "volador".
Difference between Tirada (shot) and La Descarga (the biggest shot): There are many Tiradas... (pyromusicals, bomb, firesworks) and they are organized by the Gunpowder Associations. La Descarga is unique, I mean, there is only one, which is organized by Society of Artesanos and takes place on July 16 when the Virgin del Carmen reaches the top of the Roman Bridge (8 pm approx). And this has been the case for more than a century.
El Apurridor (the assistant): El Apurridor is the one who holds the rockets (voladores) to the shooter and hands them over for throwing away. The legend tells us that the last rocket has to throw it el Apurridor.
El Tirador (the shooter): The shooter is the one who pulls the rockets.
Que nun se manque naide (nobody gets hurt): It is a typical saying of Cangas, which means that nobody gets hurt during the Feasts.
Compuesta and caipiriña: typical drinks during the festivities that you can have in any bar. Mandatory consumption. And if you're a minor, alcohol-free caipiriña.
Bollo preñao: typical dish in Asturias. Bread with a kind of pork sausage.
Mecha (wick): The wick is a part of the rocket but it is also with what it is lit. If you look at the members of the Gundpowder Associations, you'll see they're wearing something orange. That's it!
Peñas de la Pólvora (Gundpowder Associations): Organize the different pyrotechnic shots, except La Descarga.
Federation of Peñas de la Pólvora (Federation of Gunpwder Associations): It is composed of the 40 Gunpowder Associations and its main function is organizational. It supports the Peñas and can also take disciplinary action against them. Decide whether or not to admit new Associations.
Society of Artesanos (Craftsmen) Nuestra Señora del Carmen: Founded in 1902. It is the Society that organizes La Descarga. It has more than 2600 members.
Society of Bienhechoras (Do-gooder) Nuestra Señora del Carmen: Founded around the time of the Society of Craftsmen (1902). Popularly known as the Waitresses of Carmen. They are in charge of dressing and adorning the Virgin of El Carmen.


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