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The Society of Artesanos de Nuestra Señora del Carmen was founded at the same time as the  Society of Bienhechoras (year 1902).

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Society of Artesanos (Craftsmen) Nuestra Señora del Carmen

The Sociedad of Artesanos Nuestra Señora del Carmen was founded on July 17, 1902 and is composed mostly of men from Cangas del Narcea, who usually register as a member from birth.
This Society is responsible for the organization and shooting of La Descarga on July 16, although it carries out other consolidated activities such as the Procession to Santana's village and the award of the Gold Medal, which is awarded to persons or entities that are or have been important for the dismemberment Society's rollover. In addition, although the Society has a civil nature, it also organizes masses and anniversaries of its deceased members.
The Society of Artesanos currently has more than 2600 members, many of them born in Cangas del Narcea but resident in other places in Spain and the world, due to the need to emigrate for laboral reasons of the current  population of Cangas. Faced with this situation, the Society of Craftsmen resists with a large number of members compared to the 40 who started the Society more than a century ago.
The members of the Society of Artesanos wear a Carmelite bond (brown and white) with a square medal of the Virgen del Carmen, very similar to that carried by the members of the Society of Bienhechoras Nuestra Señora del Carmen, being that of these with a circular shape.
Finally, it is important to mention that the Society of Artesanos is a much loved entity by the Population from Cangas and, that it has been honored on different occasions by both local and regional groups.
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Email: artesanosladescarga@gmail.com
Facebook: Sociedad de Artesanos Nuestra Señora del Carmen


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