14th-22nd JULY




Dedicated to the memory of Alberto Sierra Rodríguez, member of the Barriga Hubiera's Association and who left us in 2009. His passion for IT, which inspired me, makes it possible to count on the first website about the Feasts of El Carmen and La Magdalena.

Wherever you're, we don't forget you.


We were born to run.

Daniel Camarero

¿What's descargacangas.com?

Descargacangas.com is a non-profit website, created by members of Peña EL Espolín with the sole objective of promoting the Feasts of El Carmen & La Magdalena of Cangas del Narcea.
The website is owned by Peña El Espolín and is funded by the Commission of Entertaiment of Cangas del Narcea (COFECA). This financing consists of paying the costs of the website, which are the cost of the domain and the annual fee of the platform for its creation and maintenance. Moreover, you can find some ads on the page from local bussiness.
In this way, we fulfill one of the objectives for which Peña El Espolín was born in 2007: to strengthen our festivities and to have a greater impact beyond our borders.
The creators of the website thank you for visiting this site hoping that it will be useful and that it will help you enjoy these great holidays. For any questions or suggestions, please use the contact form on the website.
Daniel Camarero
"I hope it will be useful to visitors and that it reflects the grandiosity of these Feasts, which, due to their uniqueness, should be seen at least once in a lifetime".
Rafael Menendez
"This is for all lovers of these parties and gunpowder. Whether they come or not, El Carmen in the palm of your hand."

Owned & Made by: Peña El Espolín

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