14th-22nd JULY



You will know La Descarga is about to start...

"When you see a whole village with a knot in their throats stand up, even on the tips of their toes, because an irresistible force is pulling them".


Tino Chichapán

La Descarga Manifesto (1966)


Interesting tipps:

Date and time for La Descarga of Cangas del Narcea

If you are wondering when is La Descarga of Cangas del Narcea, the answer is simple: 16th of july since 20 hours.
But, are all the years the same?
Yes, always.
Could it change any year?
No, never.
Why since 20 hours?
Because it depends on the parade´s rythm and the time when the Virgen del Carmen reaches the top of the Roman Bridge. It usually arrives at around 20:15 h but it depends on the duration of the parade.
How long does La Descarga last?
Between 5-8 minutes. La Descarga has no fixed duration, and every year is different. Key factors are: the conditions enforced by the Craftsmen Society every year and weather conditions.
Where can I see La Descarga?
Depends on whether you want a higher or lower adrenalin rise. If it is your first time comming and you are not sure if you will be frightened, get a bit further from the Prao del Molín... there is a La Descarga every year, and the most important thing to do is to enjoy it. Our recommendation is to use common sense, especially if you travel with kids and/or pets or you are pregnant.
Here you have a map with the best spots to watch La Descarga (if you click on "Directions" you will see your route in  Google Maps).


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