14th-22nd JULY



Did you know that...?

Wine culture in Cangas del Narcea traces its origins to benedictine monks from the Monastery of Corias 1000 years ago. Nowadays, Cangas wine is regulated under an Appellation of Origin. 

Interesting tips:


Where can I eat? “En cualquier lao” (Anywhere). Because in Cangas del Narcea you can taste the more typical dishes of Asturian regional food, such as nice sausage with bread baked in a traditional oven, "fabada", the best veal, "cachopo", and also  our more local products, such as wine from the land of Cangas, honey, or our traditional spirits. 
You can find the best places to eat here, because, contrary to sleeping, people eat a lot in these festivities. 

Try the wine from Cangas del Narcea!

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