14th-22nd JULY



Caipirinha & compuesta

These are the most typical drinks you can't spend the festivities without trying. You can ask for them at any bar, pub or cafeteria. Made in Cangas' style, their taste is unique. ¡Riquísimas!

Interesting tips:


During the festivities, the whole village is a party spot. If you feel a bit lost and you can't find a bar, we suggest you look for a peña member, he/she will be probably NOT going home. 
  • Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City hall): there is nothing more typical than watching fireworks or La Descarga from this place while taking a refreshing drink in any of the bars. hay nada más típico que ver una tirada o La Descarga desde esta Plaza y refrescarse tomando una compuesta o lo que a uno le plazca en los bares allí situados.
  • Calle Mayor (Main Street): the street that crosses the village is full of cafés and bars where you can enjoy a nice caipirinha. Also, if the weather is nice, the music from the bars creates a great festive mood at night. 
  • Calle del vicio ("Vice Street"): the street that houses most pubs and a younger environment than the two previous streets.
  • Calle La Fuente (Fountain Street) & Calle Uría (Uría Street): like in the preceding street, there are many pubs.
  • Parque de Los Nogales (Walnut Park): located in Barrio Nuevo, where most of the concerts take place.
The best option is to let yourself be guided by the music inundating the village and enjoy all these zones, each one caters to different tastes, but all of them are full of fun!

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