14th-22nd JULY



Who are you contacting with?

This website is made by the members of the Gunpowder Association Peña El Espolín, is owned by the Peña and with the sole aim of making these feasts bigger.


As you will see the page only has advertising of local shops that collaborate with us. If the web stores cookies we do not know where it stores them. So if anyone watches you, we're not.


As members of a Gunpowder Association we can surely answer your doubts, and if it is very difficult we send it to the councilor of the festivities, so that the answer is 100% correct. We have already had more than ten years of experience and we can say that we got that a Belgian family arrived to La Descarga and without getting lost!

If reading this you are not convinced yet, we invite you to fill out the form anyway because we maybe get along and we can go for a drink during these glorious feasts.


Owned & Made by: Peña El Espolín

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