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Cangas del Narcea

The largest municipality of the Principality of Asturias, Cangas is the capital of southwestern Asturias.  

Its main characteristic is a large historical, cultural and natural heritage. 

Interesting tips:

Getting there

Depending on your procedence, you have 4 options: by car, by bike, by bus and/or by plane.
  • By car or bike: from the three main cities of Asturias, Oviedo (88km), Gijón (120km) and Avilés (90km), the trip has a duration of 1h-1:15h aprox. Due to the situation of Cangas del Narcea, other provincial capitals are easily reachable, like Lugo (140km) or León (150km). Traveling from Madrid (478km) the trip lasts 4:30h, crossing the Bear Watchspot of Degaña, a free place by the road where, with a bit of luck, you could watch the Brown Bear in its natural environment. Bike lovers can use the local roads for an unforgettable route. 
  • By coach: Even though its billboards portray a "mascletá" from Valencia in place of La Descarga, we can say that ALSA coach company is a good option to visit Cangas del Narcea. There are several routes connecting the village with Oviedo, Madrid, Gijón, Avilés,... with connections to several airports. Also, the company increases the frequencies of the service during the festivities. For more info www.alsa.es . 
  • By plane: si If you travel from a longer distance, plane is a great alternative. The Asturias Airport is located in Ranón (Avilés) 80 km from Cangas del Narcea. From there, you can take a shuttle to Oviedo or rent a car to see the beautiful landscapes at your own speed. Find the flights to Asturias Airport in www.aena.es/Asturias . Another option is to fly to Santander Airport (www.aena.es/Santander) and take a coach to Cangas del Narcea. Lastly, and even though the trip is a bit longer, you can fly to Madrid Airport (www.aena.es/Madrid) and then take a direct coach to Cangas del Narcea.


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