Peña El Espolín, a Non-profit association, was founded with the main goal of promoting the Feasts of El Carmen and La Magdalena from Cangas del Narcea. To achieve that goal: 

- We created the unique webpage for the Feasts, both in Spanish and English.

- We run the "Peñas de la Pólvora Song Contest".

- We also carry out the Charity Party in support of the Disabled People from Cangas Association (ACAD).

- We created the #descargacangas Photography contest at the social media.

- We promoted activities for people with food intolerances (gluten and lactose) together with Peña la Madreña.

- We carry out the 21st July Chocolate Party with child games, together with the Peñas from the 21st July Fireworks display.

- Also, obviously, we perform the same activities as any other Peña de la Pólvora (Gunpowder Association), such as, shooting Fireworks by hand and the Fireworks display at 21st July's night. 

For performing all these activities we do not earn a single cent, to keep them going on and to improve the Feasts we heartily welcome any collaboration. For this you can make a donation, which give you the following advantages:


1.- We will help you choose the best way to come, and we will inform you about the best places to sleep and eat.​​

2.- We will offer you an explanation on what you are going to see and its history.

3.- Gift of the current period of the Feasts (different each year).

4.- You will receive in your e-mail the Schedule of the Feasts and interesting news. 

The amount of the donation is your choice ( no minimum) but if you don't know which is an appropriate amount, ¡10€ is a great donation for us!

Owned & Made by: Peña El Espolín

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