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The Society of Bienhechoras de Nuestra Señora del Carmen was founded at the same time as the  Society of Artesanos (year 1902).

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Society of Bienhechoras (Benefactors) Nuestra Señora del Carmen

It is popularly known as "Las Camareras de El Carmen" and is composed of the women from Cangas del Narcea, who mostly register as partners from birth.This Society is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and arrangement of the Church throughout the year, as well as the care required by The Virgin of Carmen.
The structure and functioning of The Society of Bienhechoras has changed very little since its foundation, at the beginning of the twentieth century.The work of this Society is fundamental to the development of the El Carmen Festivities, emphasizing the 16th of July, when in Plaza de la Oliva, the Virgen del Carmen bids farewell to Santa María Magdalena, and begins the descent in procession to the highest point the Roman Bridge, culminating in the greatest offering that can be made to a Virgin, La Descarga.
The members of the Society of Bienhechoras Nuestra Señora del Carmen wear a Carmelite bond (brown and white) with a circular medal of the Virgen del Carmen, very similar to that carried by the partners of the Society of Artesanos Nuestra Señora del Carmen, being that of these with square shape.
In 2009 this Society received the Gold Medal of the Society of Artesanos, since "the two societies were created practically in parallel and have been collaborating in coordination for all their lives. There has always been a great relationship and it has always been a pleasure to work with them. When we needed them there they were and when they asked us something we had reciprocated," said from Artesanos.
People from Cangas and visitors, believers and non-believers, are perplexed by the majesty of La Virgen del Carmen, which is pristine and wears its best galas, proving imposing. It is a pleasure to observe the Virgen del Carmen on July 16th and a duty to recognize the work that this Society does.


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