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For El Carmen 2019, the City Hall announced the creation of 5000 additional parking places for the festivities´ visitors.

Interesting tipps:

Parking Zones

If you are looking for a place to park your car during the Feasts of El Carmen and La Magdalena in Cangas del Narcea, you can find below a map with the main parking zones and their respective characteristics (free, blue zone or pay zone only during festivities). 
Downtown Cangas has a blue zone (pay for parking), nevertheless, other quarters, like Barrio Nuevo, La Cortina, El Fuejo, La Cogolla or Santa Catalina are free parking zones. Also, special parking zones will be created in Obanca. 
Cangas del Narcea receives a big affluence of visitors at Descarga Day. Also, bear in mind that traffic cuts take place for security reasons during the day. For that reason, we highly encourage you to come in the morning and find a nice place to eat, which are abundant in Cangas. Also, there will be a Fireworks display by hand and by machine at 12:00 h, and many activities to enjoy "Daytime El Carmen" (street music, "cabezudos" or big heads...) 
(We include a link to Google Maps to introduce directly in your sat nav)

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